Writer Interviews




Can you tell us a bit about your background?

I grew up in Bondi, and started writing Teazer in '89. I used to trip when i would see productions and bombing around the area, crews like cis, pic, then psk etc where killing it, that was my main inspiration along with the earlier publications and the bubble gum with graff stickers that came out in the late 80's, those where ill!


How did you choose your tag, any special meaning?

I used to tag in my mums attic and fuck about it the back lane at Bondi junction, with different names etc. "Z's" where predominant in those days in the East of Sydney, Weazle and Doze and a few other heads, i thought Z's where dope, and they were mad for throw ups, then i just pieced letters together and went through the dictionary 100 times looking for action words. And came up with Teazer ,I was like 'yep' and that was it!


How did you get in to graffiti?

As above, and as a release, a way to act out when things where hard growing up, then at 16 when i was kicked out of home i used it as a way to find recognition and respect on the streets and to express myself, i found it to be a positive alternative to harder crime. I just bombed hard for a few years and didn't even worry about doing pieces till later.


Tell us about your style and how it has developed over the years.

I flooded my mind with images of skateboard graphics, band art, album covers and heavy metal magazine, so i gravitated towards a sharpness. Clean images that pop! I have tried to always stay true to a New york school of thought, then mix pop imagery and characters which i always thought was the full package of graffiti art. A nice piece, background and a dope character, i have stuck to that formula and tried to progress slowly and always try different things. A mad colour scheme is important to.


Who or what are your major influences?

Growing up in Bondi, Skateboard art, Low brow Magazines, Hip hop culture, pop culture, Electronics, New York/ Euro graffiti, femme fatales, books, travelling etc! :P


Paint brand of choice

Montana Black/Gold, but i will use anything. ;)


Cap of choice

Ghost caps and grey dots.


What music motivates you to paint?

Electronic, Dubstep, Grime, Techno, Minimal, Hip hop, gangsta rap etc.


Memorable mission moment

Going to Perth with Spice, Jorz, Straps, Skore and Gane was pretty sick. Cool people over there, Amuck, Shime and Wasme looked after us. Also Chile was unforgettable, except i had a mad mountain biking accident. No good! ; /


Any tips you're willing to share to the next generation of writers?

Stick to your guns, Nothing good comes easy and never give up on the dream!


Anything else to add?

Big ups to Spice, Atome, Water, Peque, Walk, Skore, Amuck, Dream, Jorz, Paris, Zulu Nation, also Doer, Droogie, 567 King, Partners and friends who support me and believe in what i am doing. And respect and love to all of Sydney/Melbs and Australian Pioneers, for paving the way and making it possible! We are just getting warmed up! Peace



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