Graffiti Crews

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70K: 70's Kids
AC: All City
ACA: A Constant Addiction
ACM: Aerosol Crazed Maniacs, All Criminal Minds
ACT: Art Crime Time, Aussie Can Terrorists
ADC: Armed Dangerous Crims
AFC: Aggressive Freestyle Crew
AFD: Appetite For Destruction
AFP: Aerosol Freak Patrol, Another Fresh Production
AKM: Another Kodak Moment, Assassins-Killers-Maniacs
ANR: All New Rules, Art Never Restricts
AOP: Adults Only Preventions
BBQ: BBoy Quest
BCK: Brick City Killers
BM: Bomb Mob
C2F: Claim 2 Fame
CI: Crims Inc, Criminally Insane, Criminally Inclined
CKA: City Krime Art
CSA: Constant Street Art, Continuous Street Artists
CR: Constantly Rocking, Causin' Ruckus
CW: Crime Wave
DAO: Defy All Odds
DBH: Da Brother Hood
DMA: Da Mad Artists, Destroy 'M All
DMS: Destroying Met Services
DRA: Da Richmond Arseholez
DRP: Down Rite Pissed, Da Real Poison, Down Rite Sykoez
DSG: Divisional Support Group (vandal squad)
DST: Disrupting Society's Theories, Destroying Suburban Transit
EMB: East Malvern Boys
FB: First Blood
FDP: Fuck Da Police
FGA: Funkee Graff Addicts, Funkee Graff Attacks
FMC: Fresh Mess Crew
FTD: Full Time Defiance , Full Time Destruction, Face The Danger
HSK: HillSide Killers
IBT: Impressed By This, I Bomb Trains
IFE: In Full Effect
IP: Insane Productions, Independent Piecers
ISO: Independent Social Outcasts
ITA: In The Act
ITP: In Time Productions, Ignite The Pipe
JFK: Just For Kicks
KCD: Kill, Crush, Destroy
KOS: Kings Of Styles, Kraving Our Styles, Korrupting Our Streets
KSA: Kick'n Some Ass
KSP: Kriminal Star Productions
LCD: Let's Create Destruction
MBA: Metro Bomb'n Art
MJP: Mount June Posse
MOS: Monsters Of Society
MSA: Melbourne Suicidal Artists, Melbourne Street Art
NA: Notorious Artists
PA: Performing Artists
PBA: Plenty Bad Apples
PBP: Puffing Billy Posse, Piece By Piece
PCD: Prime City Destroyers
PDT: Paint'n Da Trains, Paint'n Da Town, Pretty Damn Tricky
PFK: Playing For Keeps, Poor Frankston Kids
PSK: Park Side Killerz
RAC: Reckless Aerosol Creatorz
RAM: Running A Muck, Renegade Art Mob, Regularly Attacking Metropolis
RCF: Rock City Funk
RDC: Rock Da City
RFK: Run For Kuva
RG: Rapid Groove, Rock Gods, Rock'n Galvs, Reality's Gone
ROT: Renegade Operation Team
RPB: Rape, Pillage, Burn
RSH: Raise Some Hell
RTD: Revenge of Topics Death, Recking Trains Daily
RTS: Running The Scene
SB: Serial Bombers
SDM: Sleep Deprived Maniacs, So Damn Mad, Shutting Down Melbourne
SFK: Staunch Fuck'n Killers
SNM: Show No Mercy
STH: Straight To Hell
STR: Stands To Reason
SWB: Skinny White Boys
TAB: Thick Az Blood, The Alphabet Boogie, The Arts Baddest
TCB: The City's Best
TDP: The Delinquent Posse
TFA: The Fantasy Artists, The Fancy Art
TGC: The Graff Connection, The Ghetto Children, Toys Get Crushed
TIK: The Insane Kids, Totally In Kontrol
TK: Tempydonnie Kings
TKP: The Krush Posse, Throwin' Knockout Punches
TPN: Tax Payer's Nightmare
TSF: The Subway Freaks, The Subways Finest
UPA: Underground Perth Artists
USA: United Subway Artists
UV: Unstoppable Vandals, Ultra Violence, Underground Vandals
WCA: Wild Child Artists, We Crush'n All, We Control Aerosol
WDA: Wickedly Destructive Artists
WTP: Where's The Pub

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