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Can you tell us a bit about your background?

I write Blends and have been doing graff in Brisbane and anywhere else I can for the last 10 years and counting. I started off writing for PMC and now put up Def ThreatS Crew DTS, we are a tight knit crew that started off in Houston but is now rampant in Australia.

I have fond memories of being a naive toy and all the stupid crap I did. It's cool seeing younger kids in awe over your work as I was to the generation before me.


My goal is to make a living from doing what I love. I do graphic design, illustrations and paintings for clubs, movies, album art work and clothing labels etc. etc. I don't earn as much as I'd like from that but I'd prefer to chase my dreams than work as a cog in someone else's.


How did you choose your tag, any special meaning?

Originally Blend was my legal tag for "Bleak" my first tag. I added the number hit of 43 to make it blend 43 like Nescafe, not because I liked Coffee I just thought it was a funny play on a trend where everyone was putting numbers on their tag. Apart from that I just liked the word and letter combo, nothing too deep.


How did you get in to graffiti?

In primary school I used to go to after school care with this older kid (Bruse) who used to show me old Hype mags etc It blew my mind. Then when I was 13 (1996) me and my mate Ranes would copy stuff out of his sisters collection of Hype mags, I did my first piece soon after and I was addicted. When I was young the only thing I seemed to be any good at was drawing, graffiti seemed like the coolest shit out and my friends where into it too so it just seemed natural to give it a go.


What is it that you love about graffiti that keeps you writing?

My crew keep me geed up to paint, we just keep trying to outdo each other. I like to think I will always be doing something creative.


Tell us about your style and how it has developed over the years.

I try to mix it up a bit and keep progressing. The last couple of years I have been known for doing more fuzzy poppin' pieces but the more I get into design programs like illustrator the more I'm digging the supper clean stuff too. I don't like to do the same idea too much just keep it fresh. 


Who have been your major influences?

I would have to say Seiko and Sofles DTS and also Revok MSK AWR he's probably the king of style in my opinion.   


Paint brand of choice

Ironlak, Montana


Cap of choice

New York fat, the great all rounder


What music motivates you to paint?

Hip Hop


Memorable mission moment

Good moments:
Getting photos of my first panel, doing my first whole car, just hanging with mates. 
Bad moments:
Hiding in back yards, cops, vigilante's, barking dogs, swamps, flash lights, staying up all night and day and not getting panel flicks, missioning for hours and getting shouted out before I even get in the yard, thinking for sure I'm going to get jacked.


Any tips you're willing to share to the next generation of writers?

Try to have a fresh approach and don't tell tales.


Anything else to add?

Rest in Peace Jeeps, much love.


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