Writer Interviews




Can you tell us a bit about your background?

Grew up in the dirty south of Brissy.. The Beenleigh line or Bline. Started getting excited about graff styles in 86 but didn't get out and start hitting shit till 88.. Broke onto the scene in the early 90's, as part of THC.. TBK started forming around 92-94 and have been going strong ever since. We made it our own way, basically excluded from the Brissy scene.. Only affiliated with a few close trusted friends and crews.. Now with WTCS our side project blowing up I'd hate to think what the future will bring...


How did you choose your tag, any special meaning?

I've put up a few different names and aliases over the years, which I'm not going to get into.. 'Reals' came about in 1996, i liked the letters, especially ending with an 'S' which was hot at the time and it was more for use with legal graffiti.. Over the years it just stuck now it pretty much full time..


How did you get in to graffiti?

Just riding the lines.. I was always into art and drawing and was always encouraged from a young age to draw. I guess the cartoon like figures and bold colours in odd places really appealed to me.. Not long after, I acquired a copy of Subway art and it was well and truly all over.. My parents and friends from school still can\'t belief i take the art form so seriously and keep getting out there doing the shit..


What is it that you love about graffiti that keeps you writing?

You never really know how far graffiti will go.. I certainly didn't think I'd still be this passionate about it.. I could of owned a few houses by now, got married and had kids but nahh.. I'm gonna keep getting out there pushing the style.. Trying to get good.. I think the way the subculture has evolved keeps me interested.. New talent, new techniques, new tools, new everything etc, etc.. We started with nothing now it's out of control... Sky's the Limit I guess...


Tell us about your style and how it has developed over the years.

I try not to think too deeply about style.. It is what it is.. I like it dirty and raw, not clean cut and polished.. It has developed quite a bit over the years and I try and keep it fresh and up to date without jumping on what someone else did or what's in fashion at the moment..

I draw a lot, and it just comes out so i roll with it most of the time and let it go..


Who have been your major influences?

Bris - Bore, Hams, Dcide, Malis, Cruel, Odie, Seems, Kure Aust - Unique, Gane2, Puzle, Dash, World - Seen, Skeme, Ces


Paint brand of choice

These days - Ironlak


Cap of choice

New Yorkers, Blue/Pink Dots


What music motivates you to paint?

Hip Hop or any dope music that's fiery - 750 Rebels, Lyrical Commission, Jedi Mind Tricks, Cage, Necro


Memorable mission moment

I have too many memorable moments...
Sleeping out in the cold during a Melbourne winter one night after rockin steez..
In Brissy hiding in bushes for 5 hours with jacks and vigilante's searching for me after a hard core foot chase with some fit arse coppers.. My mate was detained, taken to the station, charged, dropped back to his car and safely home before I emerged..
In Sydney probably painting an abandoned factory, chillen then boom, Freeze!! Pants falling down and stumbling through darkened rooms, tripping over shit being pursued by cops. I'd run up to the next level, they'd follow so I'd run down again and kept doing laps, lucky I knew the place well and they gave up chase..


Any tips you're willing to share to the next generation of writers?

Learn your history, Don't bite, Don't mouth off, Don't get busted and keep pushing those letter styles to the limit..  Graffiti will never DIE!!!


Anything else to add?

Thanks Melbourne Graffiti, TBK, WTCS, DIE.. Plus I'd like to thank all those that have supported us (Thank You!) and those who have tried working against us (Fuck You!) over the years...


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