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Can you tell us a bit about your background?

Hey watsup, I write Reka SWB EFC, Melburn represent. I was born in England but have lived most my life in the land of OZ. I’ve always been into drawing and being creative since I was young. Both my father and mother were creative in their own fields so I guess it rubbed off on me.


How did you choose your tag, any special meaning?

The name Reka has kind of stuck since I started writing when I was younger. At that stage I was more into being hardcore and catching tags. I chose the word for its meaning: to destroy and to "rek" shit. It has no special meaning but my views have changed and the meaning of my word has evolved with my style over the years.


How did you get in to graffiti?

Catching trains when I was younger must have had a big influence on me to get into graff. I was already creative but I had no direction until I saw all these colourful pieces wizz pass on the train. I was very curious to find out why they were there and I just got involved from there. I think I started in 1999 but at that stage I was just tagging shit. I think I started doing characters in 2002. I found I could relate to doing characters a lot more than the letterform pieces as I had a lot more fun doing them and just wanted to do something different. But these days I’m doing a bit of both, I don’t want to limit myself...


What is it that you love about graffiti that keeps you writing?

There is definitely an adrenalin rush when doing illegal graff. It’s totally addictive. I like graff for its purity, because most of it is illegal no-one can tell you what to do. There are no rules. I’ve also met a lot of good friends along the way from obviously having common interests.


Tell us about your style and how it has developed over the years.

I’m known for my characters. When I started them in 2002 they were a lot more influenced from cartoons and anime. I was into B-Boy styles and traditional graff characters. My style has evolved and changed over the years. I’d say it’s more illustrative and more based around mythology and animal influenced creatures. It’s hard to say. I’m sure it’s easier as an onlooker.


Who have been your major influences?

I’d have to say that my studio is my biggest influence, 'Everfresh' studios. It has over 10 other artists in it and most of them do graff or street-art. I get a lot of influence from them. We kind of motivate each other. Phibs, Sync and I work closely together. Both my crews EFC and SWB have helped me on the way. I get a lot of influence from travelling and different cultures from around the world.


Paint brand of choice

Any I can get my hands on. Ironlak and Molotows mainly


Cap of choice

NY fatty all the way. Kings choice!!


What music motivates you to paint?

Hip Hop. Beats n shit. 


Memorable mission moment

I’ve been pretty lucky with my shit. (knocks on wood) The usual chase is always a bit of fun but nothing really stands out. Bumping into other writers on the lines is always interesting...


Any tips you're willing to share to the next generation of writers?

Be original and modest. I think style is the most important thing over anything else. Practise, practise, practise. And maturity always helps. There are too many people with the wrong reasons for doing graff. I guess that’s what keeps it interesting though...


Anything else to add?

Shouts to all the Skinny White Boys (SWB) and the Everfresh crew (EFC). Much love.


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